Kathleen Gherardi BA MA

The Old Pump House
1a Stonecross
St Albans

t: 07807 548014
e: kathy@artofhealing.co.uk

I support people in exploring the following:

  • Self-care - coming to a position of physical, emotional and mental self-care; understanding healthy care of self v selfishness or self-harm

  • Relationships - building a healthy relationship with self and with others; dealing with difficult relationships and people; freeing the self from a ‘knee jerk’ reaction to others

  • Stress management - dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, mental confusion, illogical fears and worries

  • Anger management - dealing with irritability, discontent, loss of temper, illogical lack of patience and tolerance

  • Lack of energy and motivation - dealing with negative attitudes, sleep problems, problems with decision making, lack of life meaning and purpose, depression

  • Trauma - understanding the effects of past or current physical, emotional, mental abuse

  • Alcohol issues, drug issues, eating issues – coming to a position of self-care in these areas

I work with people in a psychodynamic way, from the Jungian perspective of an integrated Self.


I have worked as a psychotherapist since 2006, building my practice. Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, I had 20 years of experience as a mentor and life coach of teenagers and adults.

I adhere to the ethical code of conduct of the BACP. It is the foundation of my work. I have been an independent member of the BACP since 2006. I am actively working towards accreditation.

I earned an MA in Psychotherapy from Middlesex University in 2012. I earned a BA in Biology from Wittenberg University in 1975.